LL-Image-1-retouchedIn honor of Landon Patrick Smith, the Landon’s Legacy Foundation is working with local partners to create Billings’ first special needs baseball field which will provide a smooth, seamless surface for players and mobility equipment to maneuver.  This field in addition to an integrated playground with adaptive equipment, will ensure that all special needs children and adults can play together.  Integrated sports play allows those with physical limitations to slip the bonds of their wheelchairs, walkers, or prosthesis and interact unhindered with their contemporaries. Through this play, those with no  physical encumbrances are encouraged to approach and most importantly learn  from those with special needs.

Please enjoy the video below to witness the  joy the proposed Miracle League baseball field with bring to Billings, Montana!!

Our Mission Statement:
Bridging the gap between our communities special needs population and their peers through sports and healthy physical play.

JOIN US on our mission to celebrate the truly inspiring and courageous spirit of our “Panda”,  Landon!